About Mahnaz

I’m Mahnaz Jafari Born in 1992 living in Tehran. I always had an Inner Passion about Photography. After I Finished my Education in Highschool I Continued my Education In Economy and Got my MA at University of Science and Research in Tehran I started to learn Academic photography. One of the Most Important Decisions I’ve ever made was Choosing Photography as my Major Field.
I Started Photography with Mr. Vahid Sharifian and He had a Great Influence in Choosing the Subcategories of Photography. I continued my Photography Classes in Commercial Subcategory with Masters Mr. Shahram Jafari and Mr. Amir Azari and I was very proud to be Mr. Farhad Solimani’s student. While I was doing commercial photography, I became very interested in Fineart photography too and I did some work in this field. At the bottom I will Introduce another courses I passed as a Commercial Photographer:

  • Studio Photography and Lighting
  • Photography of Food in Advance Level
  • Commercial photography
  • Retouch (Photoshop & Lightroom)
  • Video Editing with Adobe Premiere
mahnaz jafari